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The Essence of the Alps

Made in Austria from Wormwood and other selected Alpine Herbs, plus a lot of creativity, Alpdrinks products offer the Essence of the Alps, made from natural Austrian ingredients.

They are also well know for their finely sparkling non-alcoholic wines, Alpen Rosé & Alpen Blanc.

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Alpen Rosé & Blanc

Finely Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wines

Inspired by the spirit of the times and the desire for high quality, Alpdrinks have developed the Alpine sparkling wines.

These elegant and complex sparkling wines, Alpen Rosé and Alpen Blanc, present themselves completely alcohol-free.

They are made for those who want to enjoy their tingling moments without any alcohol!

Alpen Rosé is also available in organic version.

Bottles and glasses of Alpen Rosé and Alpen Blanc – Quality Europe products
Bottles and glass of Alpsinth – Quality Europe products

Alpsinth 55 & 33

Spirit of the Alps

A truly unique taste blending 28 alpine herbs. It contains wormwood, hyssop, cardamom, St Benedict’s thistle and other herbs, in a carefully orchestrated blend, giving Alpsinth its balanced flavour in the nose and on the palate.
The Alpsinth is gently distilled and matured to allow the herbs to develop their full flavour.

Bartenders and connoisseurs appreciate the infinite number of versatile possibilities which this new clear spirit has to offer.
It is an excellent base for mixing unique cocktails and long drinks!

Alpsider Green & Red

The Apéritif from the Alps

Alpsider Green is a new herbal cider, refreshing, sweet and fruity, manufactured from traditional Austrian apple cider, an extract from natural alpine herbs and a hint of lemon.

Alpsider Red is a refreshing and fruity amazing combination of pure apple cider from Austria, plus a choice of wonderful natural Alpine berries.

Both ciders contain only 2.5 % alcohol.

Bottles of Alpsider – Quality Europe products