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Winzer vom

Weinsberger Tal

Wines from the Weinsberg Valley, Germany.

Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal is a cooperative winery located in the Weinsberg Valley in the state of Baden-Württemberg, southwestern Germany.

Winemaking tradition in the area has been known since the Middle Ages. The name Weinsberg, given to the valley and the little town of Weinsberg, actually comes from weinberg, meaning vineyard in German.

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Winzer vom

Weinsberger Tal


This winemaking cooperative gathers more than 600 winegrowers, cultivating about 500 hectares of vineyards in the Württemberg wine-growing region.

The winery was ranked 20th in the top100 list of the best wine producers in Germany.

They mainly produce fruity, light and fresh wines in steel tanks, but also some strong, full-bodied wines in wooden barrels or barriques.

Their coveted rarities like Muskat-Trollinger, Traminer and Muskateller are an enrichment to every wine shelf.

Two men having a toast with a glass of Winzer vom Weinsberger Tal wine
Bottles of "Spuren im Sand" wine, rosé and white – Quality Europe products

Spuren Im Sand

"Footprints in the Sand"

Spuren im Sand Rosé: intensely colored rosé wine, light, refreshing and fruity, slightly sparkling, with fine fruity hints of raspberries and strawberries. 12% alc/vol.

Spuren im Sand Weiss: fresh and aromatic white wine with a scent of yellow fruits, slightly sparkling and with a fine residual sweetness. 12.5% alc/vol.

Junge Linie

The young line

Quality Europe has selected for you 5 wines from the "Junge Linie", the "young and fresh" wines  collesction from the Weinsberg Valley Winery.

Muskattrollinger Weissherbst, Kerner mit Muskateller, Trollinger Rosé, Riesling mit Traminer and Samtrot, these light and fruity fresh wines (10 to 11.5 alc/vol) are the ideal companions of many occasions, aperitifs with friends, mild summer nights, desserts or mild cheeses, etc.

Bottles from the "Junge Linie" wines – Quality Europe products
Trollinger Rosé – Quality Europe products

Trollinger Rosé

Focus on Trollinger Rosé – Junge Linie

Summerly Sweet temptation!

Trollinger Rosé "Junge Linie" is a nice fruity combination of refreshing and sweet, with pronounced aromas of freshly picked strawberries.

This sweet light rosé (10% alc/vol) has to be served very fresh (4 to 6°).

Trollinger rosé is the summer sweet temptation, perfect for many occasions.