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Doctor Seaweed

Health benefits of seaweed

Founded in 2018 by marine biologist Dr Craig Ros, Doctor Seaweed offers a range of Natural Seaweed Supplements centered around sustainable Scottish seaweed which is a powerful superfood.

Naturally rich in iodine, an essential nutrient our bodies don't make, Doctor Seaweed's range of award-winning supplements are all developed to provide you with the best quality seaweed and natural nutrition.

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Doctor Seaweed

All Natural Seaweed Supplements

Doctor Seaweed's range of award-winning supplements provides a rich and natural source of iodine, potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins for optimal absorption.

Discover on the slideshow below the health benefits of:

Pure Seaweed – 30 caps / 1 month

Immunity+ – 30 caps / 1 month

Focus+ – 30 caps + 30 softgels / 1 month

Beauty+ – 30 caps / 1 month

Menopause+ – 30 caps / 1 month

Doctor Seaweed food supplements range – Quality Europe Products
Pure Seaweed food supplement – Doctor Seaweed
Immunity+ food supplement – Doctor Seaweed
Focus+ food supplement – Doctor Seaweed
Beauty+ food supplement – Doctor Seaweed
Menopause+ food supplement – Doctor Seaweed