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Kukki Cocktail

Cocktails in a toaster? It's crazy! No, it's German!

The country is sure renowned for innovation and technology, but who would have guessed that innovation in terms of premixed cocktails would come from Germany?

Kukki Cocktail is the first coctail with compressed ice in the bottle, made from high-quality spirits and natural ingredients. The kukki cocktails can be thawed in the patented kukki toaster in just 30 seconds, the mix becomes liquid while the ice cubes stay frozen.

The perfect solution for HoReCa businesses, events and others, that will save you time and leftover ingredients.

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Kukki Cocktail


No more time-consuming cocktail mixing, no more wasted cocktail ingredients at the end of the day!

With kukki Cocktail everything is in the bottle, and with the kukki Toaster, ready to serve in 30 seconds.

Kukki is vegan, gluten and dairy free, made with natural ingredients, without colorants and preservatives.

Exotic juices, high-quality spirits, fresh fruits and specially pressed ice cubes into a unique bottle.

With a range of 8 hot flavors, there is a kukki for everyone.

See on the slideshow how to prepare kukki Cocktail.

kukki Cocktail 8 flavors
How to prepare kukki Cocktail
The kukki Toaster
Man in a bar with a kukki Cocktail
2 women enjoying kukki Cocktail
Bottles of kukki cocktails 14,1% – Quality Europe products

Kukki Cocktails

14.1% alc/vol

The Spirit based collection.

Caipi: cachaça, lime liqueur, cane sugar, lime juice, fresh lime and ice.

Mojito: white rum, lime-mint liqueur, lemon juice, lime juice, fresh mint and ice.

El Presidente: brown rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine syrup, sour cherry juice, fresh blueberries and ice.

Sex on the Beach: vodka, pineapple juice, cranberrie juice, peach liqueur, orange juice, fresh blueberries and ice.

Kukki Cocktails

8% alc/vol

The Fruit Wine based collection.

Wild Passion Fruit: fruit wine, passion fruit syrup, passion fruit juice, lime juice, fresh mint and ice.

Pink Grapefruit: fruit wine, pink grapefruit juice, lemon juice, orange juice, natural grapefruit flavour, guarana extract, fresh grapefruit and ice.

Red Berry: fruit wine, blueberry syrup, cranberry juice, raspberry juice, black currant juice and ice

Colada: fruit wine, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and ice.

Bottles of kukki cocktails 8% – Quality Europe products
The kukki Toaster – Quality Europe products

Kukki Toaster

From frozen to ice cold in 30 seconds!

The kukki Toaster and kukki Cocktails are the dream team duo and a real show at the bar for your customers.

With the help of infrared lights, one kukki Toaster makes 2 drinks in 1 minute. We recommend you to take at least 2 toasters.
The Toasters are made in Berlin in coorporation with a community organisition for disabled people.