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Szigeti Wines

Don't forget to sparkle!

Around Gols in Burgenland,  the easternmost region of Austria, nature influenced by the Pannonian Microclimate gave us one of the most extraordinary vineyards in Europe.

Sektkellerei Szigeti, founded in 1991 by Peter Szigeti is the place of unique sparkling wines. By capturing the essence of each grape variety in their products, Peter Szigeti and his cellar master  turn the finest grapes into sparkling sensations, to make each glass of wine a moment of pure indulgence.

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Szigeti Winery

"Méthode Traditionnelle"

The early grapes are pressed quickly but gently, only the sweetest first two thirds of the juice are used. The yeast turns the natural sugar from the grapes into alcohol.

The second fermentation happens in the bottle, sugar and yeast are added to the wine, At this step, the longer the sparkling wine remains stored and matures, the richer will be its bouquet.

The bottles are riddled so the yeast sediments collect in the bottleneck. Then comes the disgorging, removing sediments frome the bottle.

A mixture of wine and sugar called "liqueur d’expédition" is added to give the sparkling wine its final taste, from "brut" to "doux". This final essential step is the dosage.

Peter Szigeti in his Winery
A selection of Szigeti Wines – Quality Europe products

Szigeti Fine Selection

Quality Europe's Selection

At Quality Europe we have selected for you some of the Szigeti most popular Wines.

St Georgen Brut 13% vol

Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 13% vol

Riesling Terroir Brut 13% vol

Rouge De Noirs Extra Dry 13.5% vol

Muskat Ottonel Extra Dry 12.5% vol

Festival Dry 12.5% vol

Szigeti Bio Duo

Awarded Organic Wines

Organic Rosé Brut 12% vol

Organic Welschriesling Brut 12.5% vol

Bottles of organic Szigeti wine – Quality Europe products
Bottle of Autréau champagne selected by Szigeti – Quality Europe products


Szigeti's Choice

Autréau Réserve Brut Grand Cru 12.5% vol

Szigeti Beer

Champagne Style Beer

Noble yeast bottle-fermented Szigeti Beer.

This beer, made under the "méthode traditonnelle" the same way as Champagne, is finely sparkling with a unique character. 6.2% vol.

Bottle of Szigeti champagne style beer – Quality Europe products