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Hungarian Wines

Treasures of the Carpathian

Hungarian winemaking has a history dating back to the Roman Empire. However, it is during the Ottoman occupation and most recently after the end of Communism that Hungarian Wines has developed.

Nowadays Hungarian Wines have regained respectability and recognition, especially the best-known white dessert wine Tokaji aszú.

Nevertheless, Hungary's variety of Terroirs offer more than sweet wine. Today, most famous Chefs recommend Hungarian Wines, a must-have on every good table.

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Gróf Degenfeld

Tokaji, "Wine of Kings, King of Wines"

The Gróf Degenfeld wine estate mainly cultivates the three main white grape varieties of the Tokaji wine region (Furmint, Hárslevelű, Yellow Muscat).

Tokaji Organic Furmint 2022 dry 12.5%

Tokaji Organic Muscat Blanc 2021 semi-dry 12%

Tokaji Organic Furmint "Zomborka" 2022 barrel aged 13.5%

Tokaji Aszú 5 Puttonyos 2017 dessert wine 11.5% 0.5L

Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos 2017 dessert wine 11% 0.5L

Quality Europe's selection of Tokaji wines from Gróf Degenfeld
A selection of red Hungarian wines from Bock Winery – Quality Europe products

Bock Winery

Quality Europe's Selection

Bock Winery is located in Villány, Hungary's most southerly and hottest wine region, producing the country's best and most full-bodied red wines.

Bock Cabernet Franc 2018 dry red 14.5%

Bock Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 dry red 14%

Bock Royal Cuvée 2016 dry red 14.5%

Bock Cuvée 2015 dry red 13.5%