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Rum, but not as you know it!

Named after this essential tool used in marine ropework, which is also a symbol of seaman proficiency, MarlinSpike Blended Aged Rum has created the ultimate in mixology by blending rums of different origin: the impossible made possible!

The world’s first rum that is a perfect mix with tonic water, endorsed by Foodpairing.com.

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MarlinSpike Rum

The Caribbean Blend - 40% - 70cl

Brazilian rum for freshness, blended with 3 to 5-year-old gold rums, from Trinidad & Tobago for substance, Barbados for elegance and Jamaica for character.
Elegant and refreshing. Ideal on the rocks or for highball experiences.
• Nose: green apple, vanilla, clove, rose and honey.
• Taste: tropical fruit, vanilla, and subtle woody.
• Accessible, dry, not sticky.

Bottle of MarlinSpike rum Caribbean Blend – Quality Europe products
Bottle of MarlinSpike rum Atlantic Blend – Quality Europe products

MarlinSpike Rum

The Atlantic Blend - 48% - 70cl

• 1-year-old Dominican rum, blended with 3 and 5-year-old rums from Trinidad and 8-year-old rum from Venezuela.
Ideal for dessert pairing and cocktails. Sweet nose, intense taste.
• Nose: sour tangerines and vanilla.
• Taste: tangerine, vanilla, and crème caramel, then hazelnut, dried drunes and woody.
• Not sticky, nice finish.

MarlinSpike Rum

The Pacific Blend - 55% - 70cl

• Blended from 8-year-old rum from Venezuela, 8-year-old rum from the Dominican Republic, 6-year-old rum from Panama plus 4 and 23-year-old rum from Thailand (solera style aged).
For moments of reflection. Ideal for cigar pairing, slow sipping, or oldfashioned cocktails.
• Nose: pineapple and vanilla.
• Taste: caramel, pineapple, coco, then dried figs and woody.
• Not sticky, sensational waves of different taste notes, lingering finish.

Bottle of MarlinSpike rum Pacific Blend – Quality Europe products