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Think healthy, be crunchy!

Corn&Joy is a Hungarian company founded in 1993, crafting innovative and healthy high quality snacks, accessible for everyone.

Corn&Joy produces extruded-corn-based snacks and bread substitutes, rich in fiber, gluten-free, free of GMOs and added flavour enhancers, all vegetarian friendly. Their products cater to athletes, children, dieters, lactose-sensitive people and all those striving for conscious nutrition. Deliciously inclusive!

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Corn&Joy Natural snack

Eat healthy, be crunchy!

Boost your snack range with Corn&Joy extruded corn

guilt-free snacks, super crunchy without compromises.

• vegan friendly* product family.

• gluten, lactose*, GMO and soy-free.

• low calorie content.

• 8 exciting savory flavors: pizza, BBQ, guacamole, cheddar, sea salt, chili-lime-ginger, cheddar-jalapeño, onion sour cream.

• 3 for sweet tooth: salted caramel, strawberry, coconut.

40g bag.

* except cheddar, cheddar-jalapeño, onion sour cream (dairy).

Corn&Joy Natural Snack range – Quality Europe products
Corn&Joy Natural Crackerbread range – Quality Europe products

Corn&Joy Crackerbread

Instead of bread...

Corn&Joy extruded corn crackerbread is ideal as part of a healthy and balanced diet. It has a much longer shelf life than traditional bread.

• vegan friendly product family.

• gluten, lactose, GMO and soy-free.

• very low calorie content (15 kcal/piece).

• 4 flavors: light, tomato&basil, rosemary&olive, vegan protein.

18 to 20-piece family pack – 100g (light), 90g (vegan protein), 80g (tomato&basil and rosemary&olive).

Convenient 5-piece small pack (20g).