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Bio Benjamin

A new experience of Chocolate

Family business from Sofia, Bulgaria, Bio Benjamin is an ethical chocolate maker revolutionizing the chocolate world. Bio Benjamin chocolates are 100% vegan, organic, gluten free and contain no refined sugar, yet are incredibly tasty.

Bio Benjamin uses exceptionally high quality, fairly traded cacao beans from small farms in Nicaragua, Peru and Congo. They add superfoods and mix it all together for an irresistible healthy treat for body, mind and soul.

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Bio Benjamin


Bean to bar organic and vegan fine chocolate with superfood,

plus raw cane sugar or coconut sugar.

Dark 75% - Raw Cacao Nibs

Dark 70% - Mint Maca

Dark 70% - Chia Grapefruit

Mylk* - Roasted Almond + Mulberry

Mylk - Coconut Milk

White - Salted Caramel + Almond

70g chocolate bar - contain no refined sugar

* coconut milk based

Benjamissimo Premium Chocolate bars – Quality Europe products
Benjamissimo No Added Sugar chocolate bars – Quality Europe products

Bio Benjamin

Benjamissimo No Added Sugar

The No Added Sugar collection, with organic erythritol, natural sweetener that doesn’t affect blood sugar and has no calories.

Dark 80%

Dark 70%


Hazelnut + Mulberry

Carob Dates

Pistachio + Orange

70g chocolate bar - contain erythritol natural sweetener

Bio Benjamin

Benjamissimo Sport Edition

By Militsa Mircheva, Bulgarian long distance runner and nutritionist.

"Who says you can't eat chocolate for breakfast and win medals?"

Pre Run - Guarana + Coffee

Post Run - Salted Peanut + Mulberry

60g chocolate bar

Benjamissimo Sport Edition chocolate bars – Quality Europe products