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Rooibos Herbal Tea

Founded in 2016 as a husband and wife business in Cape Town, South Africa, Sunbird is the first to offer organically grown Rooibos herbal tea from Single-Origin sources.

Rooibos (red bush in Afrikaans) is a South African plant whose leaves are used to make herbal tea. Popular in Southern Africa for generations, Rooibos "tea" has now gained popularity internationally.

Sunbird sources the best Rooibos herbal teas in South Africa, elevating Rooibos "tea" to a discerning drink that is comparable to acclaimed specialty coffees and teas.

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Sunbird Rooibos

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Sunbird Rooibos only uses natural ingredients and make sure to offer delicious tasting, looking, smelling, and feeling herbal teas.

Sunbird promotes sustainable values by offering recycling/compostable packaging and helping local growers.

Sunbird - Organic Rooibos

Sunbird - Organic Rooibos & Hibiscus

Sunbird - Organic Spiced Orange Rooibos

20 plastic free tea bags packet

Naturally caffeine/theine free

Sunbird's range of Rooibos herbal teas – Quality Europe products
Sunbird's range of Rooibos herbal tea
Sunbird Rooibos – Organic Rooibos
Sunbird Rooibos - Organic Rooibos & Hibiscus
Sunbird Rooibos – Organic Spiced Orange Rooibos