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Hive Mind Mead

Bees do it!

Hive Mind, started in 2018 by brothers Kit and Matt in the beautiful Wye Valley in the Welsh Borders, has reinvented and modernized mead, the world's oldest drink.

Hive Mind Mead oversees more than 180 hives of bees in the picturesque lower Wye Valley, transforming their precious honey into innovative sparkling meads and traditional wine-style meads.

These creations are not only enjoyed by individuals as they are but also serve as essential ingredients or pairing drinks in Michelin-starred restaurants, or cocktail ingredients.

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Hive Mind Mead

Wye Valley Traditional Mead

Hive Mind special edition Wye Valley Meadery Traditional Mead. A celebration of the years harvest in a bottle. Made from 3 honeys from 3 areas of the Wye Valley to create a balanced mead, medium sweet and bursting with the flavor of pure honey.

Brewed on 100% honey, this traditional mead is rich and moreish, this is a bottle of liquid gold. A perfect gift for the the honey mead enthusiast, or those who want to try something new.

2023 Guild of Fine Foods Golden Fork Winner for Wales!

20cl or 70cl - 14.5%

A bottle and a glass of Hive Mind Traditional Mead – Quality Europe products
Cans of Hive Mind sparkling mead – Quality Europe products

Hive Mind

Sparkling Mead

Fill up your fridge with Hive Mind signature sparkling session meads! A modernized version of the world’s oldest drink! 

All brewed on 100% honey Hive Mind sparkling meads are light and refreshing, designed to be enjoyed like a craft beer, fruity cider or sparkling wine.

6 flavors: Pure Honey / Honey & Rhubarb / Honey & Ginger / Honey & Elderflower / Sour Cherry / Honey & Raspberry

33cl can - 3.4%