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Mr Bitter

Two bitter guys you wanna be friends with!

The story of Mr. Bitter started with two good friends, Marcus the Dane and Mats the Swede, whose lives coincidentally crossed in Italy.

They combined their passion for Italian “Aperitivo” and Nordic Bitters tradition to create Mr Bitter GRITZ, the original green spritzer, and Mr Bitter BAD, the bittersweet herbal shot.
Since then, also by lucky coincidence, Quality Europe has joined the story, taken over the production, sales and marketing activities and turned the duo into a vibrant trio. Mr Bitter products are made in Denmark.

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Mr Bitter Gritz

The Original Green Spritz Mixer

Mr. Bitter Gritz is a new Spritz and cocktail mixer with a distinct taste of grapefruit and bergamot. It has an alcohol content of 11% vol, and combines the classic Spritz aperitif with a sensational new green colour and taste.

The taste is perfectly balanced between sweet and traditional bitter, with a clear citrus character, and gives a sparkling wine drink or a traditional cocktail an exclusive and explosive elegant freshness.


Quality Europe Mr Bitter Gritz bottle and spritz glass
Quality Europe Mr Bitter Bad bottle and shot glass

Mr Bitter Bad

The New Herbal Deal

At first glance, Mr. Bitter Bad seems to be quite a frown... Turn him upside down, he becomes sweet and generous and reveals his complex personality in a unique herbal liqueur.

Mr. Bitter Bad has a rich and dark taste from a unique combination of cardamon and hops, and not less than 29 other herbs making it a bold and tasty mixture. A bittersweet sensation boosted with an alcohol content of 35% vol.

Enjoy Mr. Bitter Bad as an ice cold shot, aperitif, or digestif - iced, tempered or on the rocks - or use it as a cocktail mixer to give a fantastic twist to long drinks.


Frozen Gritz

Summerly Slushy Gritz

Our popular Green Spritzer comes now in a cheeky Slushy version containing only 5% alcohol.

Enjoyed as an Alcoholic Slushy or mixed in cocktails, no doubt it will be a summer hit!

Our preparation comes in 5L canisters and is ready to use, just pour the concentrate in your Slush Machine or in a mixer with crushed ice.

We can also provide the Slush Machine if needed.

Quality Europe Frozen Gritz slush machine and glasses